Science Shows Why Most People Who Think They’re Against Popular Culture Are Deceiving Themselves

female hipster – gods of creativity

Case in point: Valentine’s Day. Many young people decided to not follow the trend of wearing “a touch of red”. But in trying to be different, to resist popular culture, they recruited others into a new camp, choosing to wear blue, black, or white instead of red, just so they don’t “follow, follow”. But ironically, they became the mainstream.

According to a study, so well explained in the video below, many nonconformists, aka hipsters, do things not because they like those things but because they just want to be different. So, speaking of that guy who was all over Instagram yesterday complaining about Valentine’s Day and that one growing a beard, wearing horn-rimmed glasses and accessorising with a hat, you can know for sure that there are millions of such people. And when there’s a large group with a tendency to behave similarly, there’s a market.

The Valentine’s Day industry stand to make millions of naira from these anti-VDay folks.

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