How The Etisalat Prize for Literature Changes Writers’ Lives

Etisalat Prize for Literature 2016 Shortlist

£15,000 is indeed a lot of money and it would of course transform the career of any writer who gets it. So, by offering the exact amount in prize money, the Etisalat Prize for Literature is the answer to the prayers of many up and coming authors in Africa.

Since its inception in 2013, winners of the prize have testified that The Etisalat Prize for Literature has brought a tremendous turnaround to their lives. Even those whose contest for the continent’s biggest literary prize ended on the shortlist have gained immense benefits from being considered at all.

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Seni Adetu Just Launched A Bullet-Proof Business

Seni Adetu – gods of creativity

As an ex-CEO of Guinness Nigeria, Seni Adetu would know where the largest chunk of his marketing budget was going. It was into media. In 2015, advertisers spent N97.9 billion, 5.2% higher than what they spent the previous year. So, it makes sense that his first marketing communications enterprise as an entrepreneur would be a media planning and buying company. He has named that company Algorithm Media.

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What These Two TV Ads Really Mean For Airtel

Airtel data is life-gods of creativity

Airtel is changing, and you can see the transformation in the new commercials the telecom giant is running on TV. Gone are the days of spots that seem to follow set pieces and make viewers cringe. Today, Airtel is running two riveting spots for its data services that not only sell its products but also receive tremendous positive ratings from their intended audience. The reason for this shift may be the change in leadership in the marketing department.

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